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Our graphic design bureau understands business processes and realise your projects carefully and wisely.

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Our story
Scruples Branding is a small russian design bureau, an effective team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in graphic/web design and identity/branding development. It was established in 2006 with a purpose to help business, state and cultural institutes in getting useful and precise identity.

Scruples Branding strives to pair meaningful messages, based on cultural ground, with suitable design. Our experience shows that by understanding the principles of great design combined with clear and intelligent ideas we can successfully work in any discipline.

We have worked on large and small scale projects in Russia, we are always looking for new projects to accomplish. Since we are in Russia, we are ready to help you with adapting your projects for Russian markets and Russian-speaking audience.

Scruples Branding is also proud to be a part of Scruples Media that is Scruples Branding itself, Contralto People magazine and Pro Pilates educational project.

Scruples Branding acts as a part of your corporate structure, either you are individual or state/federal client.

Notable clients & Projects: Baker & McKenzie, «Gorodissky & Partners», Uley Catering, Fly Fusion, Papa John's Pizza, Sanofi, United Pharma Laboratories, MSD, Disney, Elefante,, «Summer ballet seasons», Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Labour and Social Development of the Russian Federation, federal agency «Rossotrudnichestvo».
Our work
MSD corporate magazine
Interior design studio web-site
Place in Space
Annual identity and project management
Summer Ballet Seasons
Restyling for russian market
Papa John's Pizza
LES International 2014
"Scruples Branding connects business and custоmers with a symbol. Brand's visual identity is important to us because it interprets ideas into the language of graphics: our goal is to "pack" and deliver information and not to decorate every surface".

Xenia Pshenichnaya
Founder & Art Director
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